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Welcome to Michigan Tiny House, where we live big, and your dreams of owning a Tiny House becomes reality.

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Michigan Tiny House is looking for like minded individuals that are interested in the tiny house movement in the Michigan area. Are you interested in learning how people can enjoy living in less than 500 sq ft? Learning to utilize every square inch can be a creative, enjoyable, and a rewarding process. Owning a tiny house has many benefits besides not paying a mortgage or substantial home repair bills. Whether you own a tiny house, are thinking of building or buying one, or are just interested in general.

Models for Sale

Our first finished model for sale. $49,500 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, 1 kitchen, 1 living room, 144 sq. ft., what more do you need? Contact us for questions or to set up an appointment to take a tour, or to even order your own custom Tiny House!      


Michigan Tiny House suburban collection show place feb 26-mar 1 Michigan Tiny House on Channel 4:


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